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sir collum angle is increased in class ii div 2 as per op kharbanda book that means it is decreased in class ii div 1 na??

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Aisa kuch nahin hota... it is just increased in Class II div 2
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decreased asked ,explanation given increased in class2 div2,so answer should be A OPTION NOT D.

Collum angle is decreased in:
A) Class II div 1 malocclusion
B) Bimaxillary protrusion
C) Class III malocclusion
D) Class II div 2 malocclusion
Normally the collum angle 5-6O in Class I occlusion. However, it is increased to 12-18O in cases with Class II div 2 malocclusion. Collum angle is not decreased in any malocclusion. However, in Kharbanda it is clearly written that Collum angle is decreased in Class II div 2 malocclusion. The question is probably set by AIIMS faculty. Hence the answer.
  • Collum angle is the angle between the long axis of the crown and the long axis of the root of a tooth.
  • It is most commonly used for the evaluation of crown–root angulation of the upper central incisor.
  • Normal collum angle: 5-60.
  • Collum angle is increased in: Class II div 2 malocclusion (12-180)
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