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Mar 27, 2024

Course Features: ✅ INI CET pattern Mock tests every Sunday from April. 2 live exam discussions with Dr. Neeraj Wadhawan 🙌  ✅ Past Papers including AIIMS SR questions. 🎯 Latest INI CET anf  AIIMS SR questions.  🔥 Regular guidance by the academy. ✅ Get all All India Rank. ✅ WhatsApp Group access. Course valid till INICET MDS May 2024 exam. This course is for non alumni students. Alumni students of 2024 batch at Ace Achievers can TOP UP their course for the refresher series content.

Dec 1, 2023

Ranks secured by Ace Achievers in INI CET Nov 2023 : #4 Dr. Aparna Mahajan, #5 Dr. Rajni Mishra, #7 Dr. Neha Rani, #8 Dr. Sandeep Shah, #9 Dr. Komal Yadav, #10 Dr. Sayan Malas, #15 Dr. Amy Chopra